Fill your home with delightfully wicked scents. 


Kitchen Witch - a light, bright lemon scent to cleanse your home.

Opium Den - a sultry scent with notes of sandalwood, musk, orange, and clove. No psychoactive effecrs guaranteed. 

Bloody (Rose)Mary - looks like blood, but smells like fresh rosemary. Buyer beware: Don't light this candle three times in the bathroom. 

Sweet Relief of Death - smells like a funeral boquet of lillies and lilac. Breathe in the scent and feel peace, at last.

Cyanide - it smells like cyanide, which smells like almonds. 


Two sizes: 2oz ($3) or 6oz ($10). All candles made from natural soy wax.



Wicked Candles


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