Fill your home with delightfully wicked scents. 


Kitchen Witch - a light, bright lemon scent to cleanse your home.

Opium Den - a sultry scent with notes of sandalwood, musk, orange, and clove. No psychoactive effects guaranteed. 

Bloody (Rose)Mary - looks like blood, but smells like fresh rosemary. Buyer beware: Don't light this candle three times in the bathroom. 

Sweet Relief of Death - smells like a funeral boquet of lillies and lilac. Breathe in the scent and feel peace, at last.

Cyanide - it smells like cyanide, which smells like almonds. 


*NEW* Autumn/Winter Scents:

Nyx - smells like stepping out on an Autumn evening and being enveloped in the cool, night air. 

The Fourth Thursday in November - smells like autumnal spices, apples, and a warm home on Thanksgiving, but you can enjoy this without any creepy uncles or overbearing in-laws. 

Perpetual Halloween -scented to make you imagine you're walking through a pumpkin patch with hot spiced cider in your hand or curled up watching a scary movie on your couch. Basically if you wanted to live in Halloweentown when you were a kid this scent is for you.

The Retiring Room - you know how in classic novels gentlemen always get to retire after dinner and have scotch and smoke pipes? Well, this smells like the room they do that in, but with none of the gender normative gatekeeping bullshit. 

Candied Fig  - notes of warm vanilla sugar and fresh fig. A sweet winter treat, but please don’t eat it. 

Krampus Cane -bright, fresh scent of peppermint. Note to parents: Put this on your mantel, light it when your kids are being bad and tell them you’re summoning Krampus to come take them away. 

Pagan Pine - has the fresh scent of the branches or trees you might bring into your house right around the Winter solstice. 


Two sizes: 2oz ($3) or 6oz ($10). All candles made from natural soy wax.



Wicked Candles


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