Need to freshen up a room? A couch? Your will to live? Spritz some of this! 


These sprays feature a selection of scents from our Wicked Candle range and one exclusive scent. 


These are also perfect for spraying inside your mask to ensure you have something to smell other than your own breath. 


Scent options:

Ether Lite *spray exclusive* - tranquility in a bottle. Notes of lavender, mint, eucalyptus, and sage. 
Kitchen Witch - a light, bright lemon scent to cleanse your home.

Bloody (Rose)Mary -smells like fresh rosemary. Buyer beware: Don't spray this three times in the bathroom. 

Pagan Pine - has the fresh scent of the branches or trees you might bring into your house right around the Winter solstice. 

Krampus Cane - bright, fresh scent of peppermint.


**Because these items are liquid we sadly can only ship ground and we cannot ship outside of the United States.**

Wicked Scent Sprays